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Dr. Berglund's patients jump for joy!

We're excited to meet you!


You've decided to "take the leap" and set up your initial appointment with Dr. Berglund...GREAT! We're thrilled that you want to try natural health care in order to achieve your best level of health you can.

Once you schedule an appointment, you'll be sent our digital new patient forms to fill out. With the digital forms, there's no need to print anything at all! They'll be sent directly to our inbox once you finish. The forms take about 40 minutes to complete (and they are mandatory!), so please plan accordingly.

If you are unable to fill out the digital forms, there will be a link in the email we send you where you can download our printable pdfs. (You have a printer, right?)

What to bring

If you have any recent lab work (within the past 1-2 years), please bring that with you. If you have any x-ray, MRI, or CT scan reports that are related to the condition you'd like Dr. Berglund to address, please bring those as well. The lab and radiology reports aren't required, but every little bit helps Dr. Berglund in assessing how to help you more effectively.

We also may ask you to be prepared for a urinalysis, depending on the condition Dr. Berglund is evaluating. Our staff will be able to determine this for you when you call to set up your appointment. 

Having a hard time opening the above patient forms? 

We're so sorry.  Click here for printable forms. 

What to expect

On your first visit, Dr. Berglund will be going through your new patient forms to determine his plan for addressing your condition(s). If you brought in any lab work or radiology reports, he will be going over that as well. Depending on what you're coming in for, he may do food sensitivity testing, test you for supplements, or adjust you. Obviously, Dr. Berglund's evaluation and treatment plan will vary, depending on what each patient needs.

If you haven't had blood work in a while and Dr. Berglund determines that it would be beneficial, our clinic has the facility to do the blood draw in-house. We usually have results within a few days. 

Payment options

Berglund Health & Wellness Center is a self-pay practice. With the rising cost of insurance plans, high deductibles, coinsurance, co-pays, and less and less that insurance companies are actually paying for out-of-network care (which is not always what they promise), we have dropped all insurance types (with the exception of Medicare and Medicaid), and we are now a self-pay practice. (Medicare and Medicaid - see below.) 

Even though we don't accept group health insurance, you are still welcome to submit your claims to your insurance company on your own to see if you might get reimbursed. Just ask us for an itemized statement, and we will print one for you with all the necessary diagnosis and CPT codes.

If you decide to submit your claims to your insurance on your own, we are legally not allowed to help you out with this process in any way. We also cannot guarantee that your insurance company will cover your claims. However, a lot of our patients who have given this a try have actually done quite well with being reimbursed!

Please be aware that Medicare and Medicaid (Title 19, Badger Care, Forward Health) will ONLY cover a spinal manipulation. All other services (non-spinal manipulations, interferential or ultrasound therapy, nutritional exams, blood work, orthotics, nutritional supplements, etc.) are not covered by those insurance types even though Dr. Berglund accepts those insurances (Medicaid and Medicare have determined that those are uncovered services and will be the responsibility of the patient if deemed needed by the doctor).

Virtual office visits - for long distance patients!

You've probably heard of Dr. Berglund on FacebookTwitter, or YouTube, or you just finished his book, Tired of Being Sick and Tired, and you're wondering if there's even a remote chance you might be able to set up a phone consultation with him.

The answer is YES. Since the release of his book, we've had an increasing demand for phone and video consultations with patients in all parts of the United States. We'd love to have you as a distance patient!

In an ideal world, it would be nice to have all of our patients be able to come in for a face-to-face office visit. However, if you live across the country, we know that isn't possible. We think the virtual office visit is the next best thing. 

Step 1: New patient forms

Before we can set up your consultation, we'll need to have your new patient forms completed and submitted back to our office. (See above under "New patient forms".)

If you have any recent lab work (within the past 1-2 years), we encourage you to send those our way. The lab reports aren't required, but every little bit helps Dr. Berglund in assessing how to help you more effectively. Please let us know if you'll be sending any lab work over so that we can keep an eye out for it! 

Step 2: We'll contact you!

Once we have received your new patient forms, our staff will give you a call to set up your phone or video consultation. 

Other info
Once we get your consultation set up, we'll need to get a credit card number from you that we can charge after your visit. Please CALL US with this number - DO NOT email. We want to keep your card number secure, and we feel that a phone call is the safest way to do this.

Supplements are shipped directly from our clinic with detailed instructions on dosage and how to properly take them. Should you need refills, a phone call or an email to our clinic is all that is required, just so that we know what you need. 

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