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Dr. Berglund: Lots of tools to solve Chronic Pain

Chronic pain: Only one tool needed to get the job done?

If you were to hire a handyman, you would be a bit concerned if he showed up with nothing more than a flat head screw driver. You might want to know where the rest of his power tools were and if he even knew how to use them.

Dr. Berglund is a doctor with a "lot of different tools in his tool belt". If you came to him for a headache, he would be looking at hormones, mineral levels, gall bladder, the cervical spine, the cranial bones, blood pressure, sinuses, etc. to make sure he found the true source of the headache.

Dr. Berglund has a holistic paradigm that every part of the body is interdependent on the others. His job is to figure out where the obstruction is, and how he can then help the body heal. If it means doing a chiropractic adjustment, he's all for that. However, if you come to him with shoulder pain, he would want to find out early on whether or not it's caused by gall bladder dysfunction. Otherwise, he'd be trying to rehabilitate an area that primarily didn't need an adjustment in the first place. (Right shoulder pain is often caused by gallbladder dysfunction, and gall bladder dysfunction is caused by food sensitivities!) 

Did you know...?

According to a 2011 study, we spend $600 billion a year on treating pain. Why is that? One of the main reasons is that we're just managing pain. I have many patients who are living on ibuprofen, pain killers and/or muscle relaxers. These medications are trying to help people live without pain but don't deal with the root cause of pain. Dr. Berglund has the ability to not only bring down painful episodes using chiropractic and natural anti-inflammatory supplements and exercise/stretching as well as physical therapy modalities. Dr. Berglund can address conditions like fibromyalgia which have many different causes. He can address poor healing due to poor nutrition or low thyroid function. He is also good at figuring out the real cause of inflammation in people that produce too much inflammation for their body to manage.

More than your average chiropractor

Dr. Berglund isn't your average chiropractor. In fact, he went into chiropractic college with the motivation of learning more about nutrition so that he could help his patients using natural means. Dr. Berglund obtained a doctor of chiropractic degree from the National College of Chiropractic and has been in practice since 1991. He also has a degree in Medical Technology (laboratory medicine) from Michigan Technological University. He is Board eligible in the DABCI (Diplomate of the American Board of Chiropractic Internists) program after having completed all 300 post-graduate hours in the Internal Diagnosis and Disorder specialty. All of his treatments are natural, relying heavily on diet modifications and nutrition. Do you have another health issue you'd like to see resolved? For more information about the conditions Dr. Berglund can treat, click here. 

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