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Eczema - Rashes (Dr. Michael Berglund)

Eczema & skin rashes: The medical system classifies skin lesions, rashes, and eczema as inflammatory, infectious, or as hives. It's a valid description. However, their treatment approach is lacking. If a doctor tries to control the skin issue by dealing with the external manifestation (hives, infection, flaky skin), they are neglecting to deal with the underlying cause.


Dr. Berglund would much rather get to the cause of the skin problem and eliminate it, rather than treat it topically. 

Skin rashes

Skin rashes come in the form of diaper rash, "Kool-Aid rash" (red around a child's mouth), "itchy butt", armpit rash...the list goes on! These rashes all have an internal cause. Applying a prescription topical cream or lotion only deals with the outward manifestation of an internal problem.


The real solution involves getting at the true source of the problem. Dr. Berglund is able to test your child to find out the root cause of their skin issues and eliminate the problem all together. 


Let's look at a hypothetical situation: Let's say that your basement was prone to flooding. The medical approach to this problem would be to wait for the water to start flooding your basement, and then try to control the water with towels, sand bags, etc. Wouldn't it make more sense to deal with the source of the water problem?

The case is very much the same for the medical approach to dealing with eczema. Giving topical creams and lotions as a treatment method is only playing catch-up. They are not dealing with the true cause(s) of the skin problem.

Dr. Berglund believes that eczema is a cause of inflammation in the body. The body is trying to rid itself of toxins. One of the ways the body rids itself of these toxins is through the skin. When these toxins go through the skin, they end up inflaming the skin as they go through.

Just like treating the inflammation by addressing the symptom is like using towels and sand bags to control the water in your basement, neither of these deal with the core issue. Dr. Berglund's approach involves finding the core problem. Once the true source of irritation is removed, the eczema symptoms disappear!

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