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Chronic Ear Infections - Otitis Media (Dr. Michael Berglund)

Ear infections are caused by too much fluid in the ear, along with inadequate drainage. This excess fluid eventually leads to an infection. The medical field would recommend antibiotics for an ear infection, or even ear tube surgery as a last-ditch effort. However, Dr. Berglund would rather get at the root of the problem.


The reason the body produces so much fluid is that it is trying to protect itself from an "attack" - and usually this response is due to a food allergy or sensitivity.


Dr. Berglund believes that if he can determine the food sensitivities and stop exposure to them, the infections will stop. In addition, he's found that a chiropractic adjustment can help with the drainage of the excess fluid. 

Ear tubes mean "I give up"

Ear tube surgery is the ultimate sign that the doctor doesn't know why the body is producing so much fluid - it means your doctor is "giving up". Although the tubes DO help the ear to drain, the actual surgery involves cutting a hole in the middle of the eardrum. Once the tubes are removed and the eardrum is given a chance to heal, it will scar. The whole concept behind ear tubes is to prevent the eardrum from rupturing. However, if the eardrum ruptures on its own, it will rupture from the edge, which is less sensitive and doesn't vibrate as much. (The vibration is what causes the sound we hear.) Since ear tube surgery has only been utilized for a few decades, we don't know the long-term hearing implications for these children. Dr. Berglund would much rather get at the cause of the problem naturally. 

Antibiotics are not the solution

Although antibiotics are a short-term fix for an ear infection, they don't deal with the real issue that's causing the infection. Eventually, a few months down the road, another course of antibiotics will need to be given for a recurring infection. In addition to the fact that the real issue isn't being dealt with (food allergies/sensitivities), the more antibiotics are used, the more we are susceptible to creating "superbugs". Antibiotics can also cause a yeast overgrowth in the intestines, which leads to a host of other health issues. 

Ear infections

Ear infections

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