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How Do I Take My Hormone Boosting Supplement?

Dr. Berglund has just given you a cream or oil to boost your hormone levels

** Warning: This information is provider for patients of Dr. Michael Berglund. He has recommended this protocol because of the evaluation/testing that he performed in his office. Do not use this website as a instruction manual for how to self treat yourself to boost hormones. Please undergo a full examination and/or lab testing from a qualified physician (chiropractic internist (DABCI) or naturopath) who understands how to properly dose supplements that boost your body's hormones.

Progon BL 4x and Phyto BL 4x (Manufacturer: Bezwecken)

Apply X drops X times per day (as recommended by Dr. Berglund) to thin-skinned areas.

Natural Woman Cream (Manufacturer: Products of Nature)

Apply 1/4 or 1/2 teaspoon 1-2x/day (as recommended by Dr. Berglund) to thin-skinned areas.

What do you mean "thin-skinned areas"?

Because the sex hormones are all cholesterol based, the hormones can accumulate in the fat (adipose) cells of the body. For that reason, it is recommended that they are rubbed into areas that have less subcutaneous fat: backs of the hands, inside parts of the forearm and upper arm, over the collar bones (clavicles), and also over the shin region of the lower leg and the tops of the feet. The area from the chest to the knees (front and back) in addition to palms of the hands and soles of the feet and cheeks tend to be areas that have more fat under the skin.

For women who no longer have periods:

Apply the cream/oil every day without any off days. 

For women still having periods:

Start using the cream/oil on day 8 of your cycle and continue using it to day 28. Stop using the cream/oil on days 1-7 of your cycle. (Day one is the first day of your period.)

If your period should start before day 28, that day becomes day 1. Stop using the cream/oil. Stop using the cream/oil on that day and don't apply it again until day 8 of your new cycle schedule.

If your period is late, stop applying the cream/oil on what would've been day 1. Regardless of whether your period starts or not, do not use the cream oil for 7 days. If your period comes on day 5 of your new cycle, that day becomes day 1 and then you go another 7 days without applying anything.

If you  don't have a regular cycle, use the cream/oil "as if you did". This means that for 21 days after you started using it, you will "pretend" you started your period and that will be day 1 of your cycle. You will then stop using the cream/oil for 7 days (or until your actual period comes) before applying the cream/oil again. 

The goal of this protocol is to "help" your system get back on track and get regular again. 

If you know your periods are consistently more or less than 28 days (if they've always been 30 days) then replace the 21 days of application to reflect that different number.

For Example: 

If you've been 26 days... take 7 days off and 19 days on.

If you've been 31 days... take 7 days off and 24 days on.

If you're "spotting" without any menstrual symptoms, assume that it's not a period and wait for your "real" period. Proceed on the schedule. If it's just too confusing, go ahead and set up a time to discuss it with Dr. Berglund.

Possible Female Products
  • Progon BL 4x

  • Phyto BL 4x

  • Premens

  • EquiFem

  • Female Balance

  • Female Terrain

  • Femarin

  • Black Cohosh

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