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The Benefits of Breast Feeding (Dr. Michael Berglund)

Breastfeeding: Should you breastfeed your baby or give your baby formula? Although more and more doctors are pushing new mothers to use formula rather than breast milk, studies have very clearly shown that breastfeeding is FAR superior. We talk about how expensive it is to raise a child, yet we continue to push formula on new moms as a "good option." It's a terrible option. Did you know that the main ingredients in infant formula are corn syrup solids and dry pasteurized milk? If that isn't enough, the nutrients used in infant formula are synthetic. How is this an improvement over breast milk? 

My baby keeps spitting up!

Some mothers complain that their babies seem to spit up a great deal after nursing, or they become colicky. Ninety-nine times out of a hundred, the simple solution involves taking a look at the mom's diet. If she eats a food that the baby's system finds objectionable and the baby's body indicates that adverse reaction by spitting up, it would be ideal for her have food sensitivity testing done to see what food or foods the baby is getting through her breast milk that may be causing the problem. The truth is that the baby's spitting up is a signal that the mother needs to take a look at her diet—not a signal that she needs to switch her baby to formula feedings. 

Breastfeeding is far superior

The choice to breast feed our infants is a decision that we make early on that can make a dramatic difference in the health of our children. As most people know, every study ever done that compares natural nursing to bottle-fed formula shows breastfeeding to be superior. The only glitch is that so many advice-givers remain convinced that some breastfeeding mothers need to supplement their insufficient supply of milk. Somehow, the experts ignore the fact that a woman's own milk supply can be increased. (Isn't it crazy that we spend millions of dollars to help cows triple their milk supply on dairy farms, but we push women to significantly inferior infant formula as soon as their babies don't seem to be getting enough to eat?)

Breast milk contains all the vitamins and nutrients your baby needs, not to mention that it is packed with a disease-fighting substance called colostrum. Breast milk is also specifically tailored to your own baby's needs, and helps protect your baby against diseases later in life.


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