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Transparent and reasonable pricing. Healthcare costs in the US are out-of-control for a lot of reasons. But one reason is that most patients (consumers) buy tests/procedures (products) without being able to shop around for the best prices. Many people see their lab test costs for the first time weeks to months after the tests were run. And a lot of times they are shocked at how expensive they are.

At Berglund Health and Wellness Center, our goal is to provide excellent care at a fair price. We've negotiated with LabCorp (national lab) to get the price of our labs down to as low as 10% what you are likely to pay through a hospital. 

Look below and decide for yourself. If we're cheaper, all you need to do is call us to set up a blood draw appointment. Even if you've never come to us as a patient before now or never come again, we're happy to do this service for you. Once the labs are completed,  we'll then print or email the lab test report to you.** (disclaimer)

Our Lab Prices

Common Labs

Common Labs

Common Labs

Basic Chem Panel


Measures electrolytes, calcium, kidney markers, liver markers, as well as total protein & albumin. , 

Complete Blood Count (CBC)


White and red blood cell count, platelets, hemoglobin (marker for anemia). 

Lipid (Cholesterol) Panel


Total Cholesterol (HDL, LDL, and VLDL cholesterol and triglycerides)

C-Reactive  Protein


Inflammation marker

hs C-Reactive  Protein


Inflammatory marker linked to cardiac disease risk

Sed Rate


Also known as erythrocyte sedimentation rate (ESR) - inflammatory marker



Thyroid Stimulating Hormone - high means hypothyroidism. Low means hyperthyroidism.

Other Labs

Hemoglobin A1c


Measures blood glucose over the last 120 days.

hCG - Quantitative


Human chorionic gonadotropin is released during pregnancy. 



Anti-nuclear antibody is used as a screen for diagnosis Lupus Erythematosis (autoimmune condition)

Rheumatoid Factor


RF is used as a screen for rheumatoid arthritis.



A high level of homocysteine is a risk factor for heart disease. It's associated with low levels of vitamins B6, B12, and folate.



Ferritin is a glimpse of how much iron is in reserve. Low levels mean deficiency. High levels can indicate inflammation or disease.



Prostatic specific antigen is a possible marker for prostate cancer or other prostate condn.

Other Labs

Magnesium - serum


Commonly used test for measuring magnesium in the body.

Magnesium - rbc


Red blood cell magnesium is considered a better indicator of magnesium levels.

Free T4


T4 (thyroxine) is one of the two major thyroid hormones. 

Free T3


T3 (triiodothyronine) is the more bioactive of the two main thyroid hormones.



Clotting factor that is measured in clotting diseases as well as being a risk factor for heart attacks.



Thyroperoxidase antibodies are elevated in Hashimoto's thyroiditis (autoimmune).



Diabetes is a condition where insulin amount or function is impaired. 


Can Dr. Berglund help me decipher my lab results?

Dr. Berglund has almost 40 years of experience with lab testing. He not only evaluates the labs for diseases but he is also good at figuring out trends and nutritional needs that many times are neglected when blood tests are ordered.  If you're interested in having Dr. Berglund go over your labs results with you, you can let the front desk know on the day you're having the blood draw done/lab tests ordered. 

Lab Disclaimer

**The results for lab tests prescribed by medical doctors will not be sent to the patient but to the doctor directly.  Patients that self refer for lab testing can have the labs given to them as a paper report or as a pdf. 

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