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I have had hypothyroidism for over seven years. Every year, my primary medical doctor would increase my Levothyroxine in hopes that I would be able to lose weight. My weight never changed. My cholesterol, blood sugar, and blood pressure were sneaking up during this period of time, though. My doctor was threatening to put me on medications for all of these things.

As a Registered Nurse, I have seen people on all of these medications and did not like the side effects noted. I determined to find a course of action that would address the underlying issues instead of just covering up the symptoms. This is when I decided it was time to see Dr. Berglund. I started on supplements with him and began to lose weight immediately. I lost an average of one pound per week. When my labs were done again, they showed that my blood sugar was down, along with my blood pressure and cholesterol. I lost 30 pounds over a six-month period of time. I have lots more energy and feel so much better than I had for years. I have also gone off the Levothyroxine medication.

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