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Are You Confused?

by Dr. Michael Berglund


Are you confused about nutrition? I would be. With the advent of the internet and the media and medical concerns over the nutritional industry, there is a great amount of conflicting information being spread around. The reality of it is that all are probably right. Even more confused?

Nutritional information abounds on the internet. Where does the truth lie? For individuals, truth may vary significantly. While some patients of mine thrive on a high-protein low-carbohydrate diet, other patients thrive on a vegetarian program. Others do well on high fiber diets. Still others find health in a more balanced approach.

Where do we stand at this office? We believe in God's ability to heal the body. And yes, there is an ideal diet. It was in the Garden of Eden. That was God's plan for ultimate longevity and perfect health. Since that isn't an option for any of us, we need to seek out His plan for our lives. "What's he calling me to?" The Bible does not say we CAN'T drink alcoholic beverages, it just says we should not be drunk or filled or controlled by them. However, some individuals show a problem dealing with any alcohol. God would prefer to deliver them or free them from the desire to drink any alcohol. For the rest of us, he would say it's OK to drink as long as it's not in excess.

The same holds true for food. There is no Eden diet, because there is no Eden food. The fruits, vegetables and green plants that were available there are no longer available to us now. The quality of food has dropped. It's a fallen world.

The answer lies in finding ways to test. There are several different ways. One way is based on kinesiology or muscle testing. It uses weakness in a muscle to determine which foods are healthy and which foods are detrimental to good health. We use the same technique for determining what nutritional deficiencies are present.

Just this morning, my receptionist was complaining that she was coming down with a cold. Now, standard herbal or nutritional thinking says: Echinacea, Vitamin C, thymus glandular extract, and maybe even lauric acid. None of these products showed to be effective for her in boosting her own system to adequately fight off this infection. The answer was Astragalus. From my experience, I believe she will respond within a 24-hour period. That's the effectiveness of in-house nutritional testing.

Source: Dr. Michael Berglund

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