Struggling to get your cholesterol levels under control? Your approach may not be as effective as you would think.
Dealing with excessive stress or panic attacks? Find out how Dr. Berglund can help you get back to feeling normal.
Your digestive problem can actually be caused by a food sensitivity! Find out how Dr. Berglund can help you get well.
Do you struggle with breakouts, despite using astringents, washes, or prescriptions? There are easier ways to clear your skin!
That natural doctor in Kenosha...
(a little bit about who we are)
At Berglund Health & Wellness Center, we are committed to providing the most comprehensive natural and alternative health care available in this area. We believe that wellness is acheived by respecting that the body was wonderfully and perfectly made by God. Therefore, it is our desire to use natural means to aid the body in returning to the health that it was designed to have. We have a fundamental philosophy that if we can restore structural balance, remove irritants and toxins, and provide each person with the necessary nutrients their body needs, our patients will ultimately achieve and maintain wellness.

The virtual office visit - designed for long-distance patients!
You've probably heard of Dr. Berglund on Facebook, Twitter, or YouTube, you've read his blog, or you just finished his book, Tired of Being Sick and Tired, and you're wondering if there's even a remote chance you might be able to set up a phone consultation with him.

The answer is YES. Since the release of his book, we've had an increasing demand for phone consultations with patients in all parts of the United States. We'd love to have you as a distance patient!

In an ideal world, it would be nice to have all of our patients be able to come in for a face-to-face office visit. However, if you live across the country, we know that isn't possible. We think the virtual office visit is the next best thing. Click here for information on how to set up your appointment!
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